Trouble Shooting

Trouble Shooting

This is our foundation. The machine type is a secondary subject when it comes to trouble shooting.  Once you have mastered all the different types of control components, repairing the machine becomes a matter of determining the symptoms and matching them to the components that may cause the malfunctions.

We pride our reputation on being able to repair ANY type of electrical controls.

With or without documentation. Of course, documentation reduces trouble shooting time immensely. With the advent of  the Internet, many companies now have their documentation online or is an email away. All of our technicians carry internet capable smart phones to access these documents. We always find the part that fails and then apply theory as to why the part has failed. In many cases this leads to the original culprit. Thus ensuring a first time repair without numerous, newly installed components failing on the next sequence of operation or operating for a very short period of time and then failing again.


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