Motor Control Service & Install

Motor Controls

Accurate Control Services is capable of servicing all motor control applications. Trouble shooting is one of our best skills and we will use this to quickly identify what could be causing your motor control problems. Not only can we fix your motor controls, we can integrate your system and install the lasted technologies into your circuits. We also offer operational testing to ensure your controls are working as efficient as possible.

Accurate Control Services motor control services include:

  • ο AC/DC Applications
  • ο Trouble Shooting Servo Drives, Variable Frequency Drives     (Inverters)
  • ο Encoder and Resolver Assessments
  • ο Motor Control Circuit Repairs and Installation
  • ο DC Motor Controls
  • ο Inspection of Motor Brushes
  • ο Soft Start Controls
  • ο Obsolete Motor Control – Integration of The Latest Controls

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